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Doing things without a solid reason

Doing things without a solid reason

Sometimes men need a little time alone. Sometimes they just want to do silly stuff, without any reason. When we do things like that, we have the chance to properly refill our body and mind with energy. If we don’t do things like that for a while (2-3 months at maximum) we freak out, and nobody wants that. It’s simply better to let it happen.

Or at least I like to believe in it because sometimes I do things that have really no reason.

For example, last week I had the idea that I should go the shore and think about life, death and the universe. It was great to be alone with my thoughts, and I liked the place where I walked.

an underwater metal detector

After I got home I had a “vision” about I could find something valuable n the shore if I would be more careful. This idea couldn’t let me sleep, so I opened up my notebook and searched for several things (useful of course!) which could help. After an hour, I still couldn’t sleep, but I found an interesting site, with several reviews about metal detectors and ways how to find long forgotten treasures.

I felt that I found what I was looking for. In an instant, I was fresh as a daisy. I deepened my knowledge in this topic and after two hours I already know which is the best metal detector for me, and where should I use it on the mentioned shore. I ordered it, with a hope that it would arrive within a day. I created a digital map and saved it on my phone, on which I marked the places where I could find the treasure that is waiting for me.

It arrived two days later, I was a little bit disappointed, but still ready for the adventure.

I went to the shore and by using the map I created I searched the marked places. I spent 6 hours there.

Of course, I found nothing….

Thinking back to this, it makes no-sense at all and I still don’t know why I did that, so the only way it could happen is the one I explained in the first paragraph.

Game changer turntable

Hi there!

There is something that’s in my mind quite a while. There is something, that everybody should know. There is something, that can change everything. There is something I want to share with the whole world.

If you are at least a little bit similar to me, than you felt already, that pressing a button on your computer, while using spotify/youtube/itunes/whatever… is too easy… actually you don’t feel what gives you the rythim, what gives you the chill, you just tap one and everything happens automaticly.srp1r-11-black-md

About a week ago, I went to a retro party, where, besides the people who wore clothes from the ’80s, there was a turntable with hundreds of vinyls. As I hardly knew what it is or how it works, I walked to the DJ and ask him to give a short presentation about it…

With my newly gathered knowledge I my heart started to beat so hard, like it would like to tell me something. After the first touch of a vinyl, I already knew, that this is what my heart tried to suggest. The DJ saw that how amazed I was, so he let me to help him. The next 3-4 hours of the party was just like a dream, you know the kind of dream where you feel that you arrived to where you always belonged.

Needless to say next morning my first thing to do was to find more and more information about that wonderful piece of metal and plastic. I could not get enough from that. Fortunately I found a page which helps to everyone who seeks to find the best record player for any needs.

For me, I found a modern-designed, affordable, but still high quality turntable, produced by Stanton. I ordered it right after once I found my credit card. And since 3days I am a proud owner this little beauty. Now it’s time to gather some vinyl records (I already have 10)!

These are a little bit more expensive than buying a song online, or playing it from youtube, but believe me, once you put on your first vinyl record on your record player, you don’t want to go back. It gives you a tingly feeling, which is hard to explain, but it fills you with enery instantly.

6a00d83451c76a69e2017c358dfa92970bEven I can’t explain it, I can help you to experience the same! Next Saturday I’m going to throw a party in my house, where (if you want) you can find out why people loved these machines so much back in the ’80s.

I’ll come with the details next time!

Home renovation with gas ranges and TVs

Hello everybody,

I’m in a middle of the biggest renovation I ever did.

I made up my mind and started to replace near every furniture and devices in my house. It all started 2 months ago, when I realised that my TV and my bed are both 10 years old, and man…if I can, why shouldn’t I live in a much higher level comfort? I want to make it more modern.


I already replaced several old part of my house. I finished with the modernization of my bedroom, workroom and bathroom. I have a new and uniquely designed bed, a 4k resolution TV, with a 7.1 sound system in my bedroom. The computer I use for work is better than ever before, it is powered by the newest Intel CPU and NVidia GPU – it’s amazing. And my bathroom…it is just perfect, half black, half white with metal pieces everywhere – like in a luxury hotel. I love it.

Only the kitchen is left, or at least partly. I already ordered a microwave oven and a kitchen furniture, which have similar design to my bathroom. The only thing that still missing is a gas range.

I didn’t cook every day, but since I’m working at home, twice or three times a week I cook something, just to make a diverse menu for myself – I don’t like to order pizza 7/7.


So, now I have to choose a gas range that would fit in my new kitchen. I’m not an expert, but I like to do everything without any help. This isn’t so hard in this era, because of the existence of the internet. I can search for anything within a minute and I can get the necessary knowledge within 10-15 minutes. This is how I ended up on a site which provided gas range reviews for home use. I already found two brand new metal and black devices. One from Bosch and one from LG. They both look great, but the LG has a full digital control, which is quite good – you can control it with your voice – it must be funny [Szimbólum] I want it!